Construction Managers

With UnderConstruction, you – the Construction Project Manager – can now plan and manage all your projects from the tip of your fingers. Right from conception to completion. UnderConstruction will help you manage it all.


Construction Project Management

Import all your clients, operatives and your toolbox talks via the backend system accessible from your desktop. Once imported, these clients and operatives will be available to manage across all your jobs

Liaise with your clients and contractors remotely

Digital signatures enable a seamless exchange of signed documents and contracts between all parties, saving time and ensuring all documents make it back safely to you.

All documents in one place

Each new job you create has its own dedicated folder with a Timeline dashboard, giving you an overview of your project’s progress; Job Information, where you can upload documents specific to the project; Initial Briefing ready to upload all Briefing documents for your team; Method, to clearly outline the process of work for all involved; Timesheets to track the hours completed; Forms to manage all required forms to ensure standards are met; and People, where you can appoint a supervisor, a Principal Contractor, and all other operatives to each job. All the documents needed for successful project completion in one place!

Ensure every job meets the HSE standards

Toggle on all required bespoke forms to ensure you and your workers follow the correct regulations and protocol. Our bespoke forms cover everything from HSE specific documents including RAMS, COSHH and SSOW, to PAT Test records, Training Certificates, Tools and Fixings on Site to help you manage your inventory.


Stay on track of your project with a viewable timeline for each job showing the percentage of tasks completed and the number of issues left to be resolved. This feature also gives you an insight into the Average time taken for an issue to be resolved, giving you a KPI to always work towards and improve on.

Track your team’s progress through the timesheet facility. Mitigate arising issues by quickly assigning them to appropriate operatives with instant notification.

Avoid the hassle

No more having to organise and sort through all the paperwork – the app does it for you with digital forms and push notifications which save you having to chase your team for timesheets, training certificates, and photographic evidence.

Easy access wherever you are

Not only can you access your project management tool from both mobile and desktop. What’s more, is that the app is usable offline. This means that you can access, manage and tweak all your jobs on the go, even from the most remote locations.

Is your project one of a kind?

No problem. You can Build Your Own forms with a custom-form feature in the Form Library. This can be then toggled on or off in each one of your jobs. This feature helps ensure you meet specific client requirements and deliverables.

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