Construction Managers

With Under Construction, construction managers can now plan and manage all their SHEQ requirements from the tips of their fingers. Right from conception to completion, Under Construction will help you feel in control.  

Easier for your staff on site, your compliance will also be well evidenced – and more complete.  Completely adaptable, Under Construction offers everything a construction manager needs, in the one place.


Construction Compliance Management

Manage compliance across all your projects, and across all your construction sites, through the Under Construction management portal. 

From details on clients and operatives to ongoing progress markers and notifications about open issues – as well as access to all the key documents related to every job – Under Construction is a valuable project management tool for all your compliance needs.

Transform your compliance records

With time and date stamps, digital signatures and photographic evidence, Under Construction is transformational in terms of compliance record keeping – making it an invaluable tool not just for ensuring compliance, but evidencing it, too. 

With digital forms, reminders and alerts integrated within the app, you won’t have to chase your team for check sheets and compliance submissions.  And with all data accessible at all times and for all your projects, nor will you need to search through folders of paperwork after the job has finished either – you can do it all on the portal whenever you need.

When it comes to audits and accreditations, the app can also provide powerful proof of compliance on site.  It makes it easier for auditors and assessors to review your operations and your health & safety processes – helping you to pass your audits with flying colours!

Consistency across construction sites

With Under Construction, your site supervisors are completely mobile. The app enables your staff to complete all health and safety checks while on the go – and record problems and solutions instantly. 

With reminders and alerts built in, you can be more confident that nothing’s been missed – and that your team is not overwhelmed by paperwork!

Importantly, you’ll also get consistency across teams. With the app guiding your site supervisors through their tasks, room for human error is removed. The information submitted from your construction sites will be more consistent, more accurate and have the required level of detail every time.  

Every Document, In One place

Each new job you create will have its own dedicated folder in the Under Construction portal. Each will feature everything you and your team need to keep track of all aspects of the job: 

  • Your Timeline dashboard, offering an overview of your project’s progress; 
  • The Job Information directory, to which teams can upload documents specific to that project; 
  • A Manage Forms environment, where the exact range of forms available for a particular project can be defined and shared, for example with the Principal Contractor;  
  • A Timesheet interface showing the hours worked on a job; 
  • And the Team area, where colleagues can view the individuals assigned to the job – and access their Training Certificates, Tool Certificates, Face Fit Test as well as PPE.   

Each of these essential tools is  is integrated seamlessly with the others and accessible instantly.

Ensure every job meets the HSE standards

The forms available through Under Construction cover everything from RAMS / SSOW, COSHH, Toolbox Talks, Tool Certificates, Operative Training Certificates, Face Fit Test, PPE, NCR / Defect Notice, Start Right Minutes, Site Survey and Quality Assurance.  Simply populate as required and roll-out instantly or whenever you’re ready.

You can also create your own bespoke checklists to capture any job-specific requirements, ensuring they are fit for purpose, each and every time.


Unique set of requirements on each project?

No problem. You can Build Your Own forms with our custom-form feature in the Form Library. It’s really easy and means you can roll out a bespoke set of checklists to meet specific requirements each time.  Simply toggle on within your project and the forms will be live on site.

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