App for General Contractors

Manage all your jobs for different clients in one place. This project management app is the ultimate solution to making your time management for any construction project a breeze. From small-scale domestic projects to big construction sites. Under Construction has all the features you may need. 


Client Management

Add all your current clients into the application, including the most important information of all: location of their site!


Manage your Team

You can add your team at the app level, or if you’re a one-man team with subcontractors for some projects, you can add them to each specific job.

Customise each job

The Form Library gives you the option to enable ready-made bespoke forms ranging from HSE specific to Tools on Site. You can toggle these on or off for all your projects, or choose to do so for a chosen job in the dashboard.

Boost your productivity

Each job dashboard includes all the right features to ensure your projects get completed in a timely manner. View the number of unresolved issues and lately submitted forms.