Construction Documents Library

Managing, maintaining and being able to easily locate all of your project documentation and company policies, related to compliance and your construction projects, is key – not only to ensuring site safety – but also for proper evidencing that you do indeed have all the necessary policies and documentation in place.

On the management portal you’ll find a specially designated section that offers users the option to upload ready-made documents relevant to a specific job. This means your project and compliance documents will always be stored in the same place, easy to find and instantly retrievable.


From briefing documentation to specific project information, policies and other key related data, all you need to do is upload your documents to Under Construction and the information will be accessible when you need it.

Your site supervisor will be able to view documents on site at any time from the app, and what’s more, you’ll also be able to share information with your principal contractors and clients through their own personalised webpage, providing them with the evidence they may need that your business has the correct documents and policies in place to meet their own specific requirements too.

Got additional documentation requirements? No problem.

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