Under Construction’s smart design and agile features provide a robust, clear and above all intuitive means of managing construction site compliance. It is designed to offer both out-of-the-box and bespoke support for construction firms of all sorts. 

Offering integrated processes, check-lists, instant communication and evidence storage, plus submission deadlines and reminders, the app is an all-inclusive one-stop solution for managing regulatory compliance easily and safely. Features include camera capture, custom forms, offline & dark modes, cloud syncing, digital signatures, and more.

Create your own custom-designed construction compliance management software: straight-forward, streamlined, and bespoke. It couldn’t be any simpler, or more effective!

Digital Forms

Remove paperwork and make the compliance processes easy. Digital signatures, custom forms generation, photo upload, document upload, search any form and full audit trail of historic form submissions from site.

Push Notification Alerts

Configure your forms which expiration dates, whether it repeats daily, weekly or monthly and alert site supervisors with a push notification on their mobile phone to alert them to outstanding issues.

Reporting 24/7

The app makes it easy to share real-time data, track of reports and form submissions with your clients to create a positive and long-lasting relationship which pays dividends and helps grow great brand reputation.

Quality & Certification

Tools on site, PPE and operative training certificates can be created and updated across sites. Project quality forms such as Site Surveys, RAG reports and Quality Assurance are built right in.


Use timesheets to log all of the operatives worked hours in the week. Adjust your project to select which days of the week you work and shutdown days for holidays to ensure your compliance forms stay in sync and do not trigger expiration date alerts.

Construction Forms

Ready-made forms for your entire construction project, including Initial Briefing, COSHH, Risk Assessments, Toolbox Talks, Rams, SSOW, Start Right Minutes, NCR or Defect Notice, Site Survey and many more.

Cloud Storage

All form submissions are stored in your project in the cloud securely. All forms are searchable and are traceable with audit historic log, containing submission timestamps, who submitted the form, photo evidence and digital signatures.

Environmentally Friendly

No need to travel to the site. All the necessary information can be accessed right from the app, saving time, maximising cost savings and removing paperwork.

Full Compliance

Under Construction helps improve safety for operatives and supervisors with instant alerts and full visibility of dangers on site.

Explore all the features that Under Construction has to offer.

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