Site Survey & Quality Assurance

With Under Construction, you can carry out quality assurance checks and site inspections on the go, raising issues that need to be dealt with, creating NCRs and Defect Notices – and ensuring they are all managed and rectified promptly and satisfactorily.


Quality Assurance, NCRs and Defects

With a ready-made Quality Assurance template included in the Under Construction compliance process, it’s easy to create a Quality Assurance checklist for any element of the work undertaken.

And with built in Non Conformance reporting and Defect Notice reporting within the app, the site supervisor has the ability to flag and deal with any problems they spot straight away. 

What’s more, alerts for each issue will be shown on the app until such time that each is satisfactorily resolved – ensuring nothing ever gets missed or forgotten.

Site Survey Inspection Reports

Is the lighting adequate on site, are key documents displayed clearly? With the Under Construction app, you can conduct a thorough site survey, submitting and documenting any non-compliance findings on the go.

And as with the other Under Construction forms, you can even select to share the report with your client or principal contractor should you wish.  

The app offers a single, integrated solution to conducting, recording and acting on every inspection on any site.