Site Supervisor’s App

Site supervisors have a lot to keep track of. On any given day, activities on site are numerous – and the challenge for all site supervisors is to stay on top of everything.

That’s where Under Construction comes in. First, it instantly eliminates all that paperwork. Using one seamless interface, every form and report, every check, document, signature or photograph, can be accessed and submitted in one place. 

This transforms the way compliance is conducted on-site. With everything always on hand for when you need it, compliance material has never been easier to submit. And supervisors are guided through their tasks, so they always know what is needed and when.

Not only does this make for a much better experience all round – it makes everything more efficient and more effective.  Using the app is simple, submitting information is easy and the built-in upcoming reminders means site supervisors will always know when something is due.


A better way of working

Under Construction has been designed to make life easier. File every report instantly, on-site, on the go – no more form-filling afterwards and worrying if you’ve forgotten something. Every site check can be done within the app, and your days of being overwhelmed with paperwork are gone. Under Construction will even show you which forms need submitting and when; you can take photos, record signatures and submit every document at the touch of a button.

Site Inspection

The app also makes core tasks easier. Its built-in photo logging and NCR / defect reporting tools allow you to track and manage issues swiftly and seamlessly: simply submit an issue and assign a team member to deal with it. Not only that – because of the built-in alert system within the app, you’ll also have automatic visibility that the issue is unresolved until such time as you are happy to close.

Keeping track of certificates and expiry dates

Ensuring current certification is a key part of a properly functioning – and compliant – site. Under Construction is designed to keep track of all of it. From operative training certificates and test expiry certificates for tools to Face Fit Tests and PPE, Under Construction will show you when certificates are about to expire and when licences are out of date – so you no longer have to worry you’ll forget something. 

Submitting Timesheets

We’ve designed the app so supervisors can also submit timesheets for their site operatives on the job – all from the same interface.

 It’s really simple to do and is one less thing for busy site supervisors to have to juggle.   


Easy Access

You can use Under Construction anywhere – and everywhere. Is the construction site in a remote area? Wondering what will happen if signal is poor? Under Construction has you covered. Not only is everything stored on the cloud so nothing is lost – the app can be used in its offline mode, too, so you don’t need to worry about losing your connection.

Sharing information with your Operatives 

With Under Construction, each of your site operatives has access to their own secure, dedicated profile page. 

This personalised set of records incorporates relevant documents and key information for the operative such as their training and tool certificates, the content of Toolbox Talks or Start Right Minutes which they’ve attended, any NCR / Defect Notices, their hours worked and much more. 

With email notifications also built into the process, the latest information is always to hand for your operatives on site too.



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