Create Your Own Forms

Every construction firm – and every construction site – is different. That’s why we’ve enabled custom forms in Under Construction – so that every user can customise their forms for the job at hand. 

Not only that, but creating a custom form is really easy. With complete versatility across the board, you can create a form that is unique to any set of requirements. 

We’ve designed this feature to be really flexible. With the ability to choose from different response formats such as Free Text or Multiple Choice, you’ll always be able to structure the questions in the best way to achieve the clearest outcome.  

Once created simply toggle on as desired and you’re ready to go.


Bespoke Forms, Bespoke Process

Need certain tasks carried out at certain frequencies?  Simply set up an alert for each form you create.

With automatic reminders in place, you’ll have peace of mind that no form gets forgotten.  And of course there’s also an audit trail each time a form is completed. 

Not sure what forms you can create?

Talk to us about what paper forms and processes you are currently using and we can help you turn them into mobile forms that are instantly – and always – available in-app.

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