Under Construction App: Site Safety Compliance and Management

Under Construction is the construction health and safety app that transforms site safety compliance. It replaces cumbersome paper records with a seamless and intuitive digital interface.

It connects your workforce and ensures no effort is duplicated. And it makes it obvious at every stage what needs to be done – and makes it easy to prove you’ve done it.

The app enables construction businesses to manage Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) policy smartly – and safely.  It puts all the tools, and all the forms and checklists, at the tips of your fingers, ensuring that compliance processes are easy and intuitive for all relevant staff. Monitor compliance checks remotely, store date-stamped photo evidence and signatures – and spot potential issues more quickly. 

From automated notifications to instant reporting, the app provides a single centre of focus for an organisation’s compliance activity. And that makes achieving the highest standards – and staying safe on-site – clearer, easier and more efficient.

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Everything You Need, In One Place 

Construction compliance forms can multiply. They can be overwhelming. They can be lost somewhere between the construction site and the office filing system.

But compliance can be done differently.   Everything can and should be in one place; your team should be able to submit forms whilst on the go and you should be able to access compliance data in real time, wherever and whenever needed.

Under Construction puts all the essential compliance forms, health & safety documentation, licence renewal reminders and much more into one single, easy-to-use interface.  It enables busy teams to complete their jobs to the highest safety standards.  Real-time reports and easily accessible audit trails help protect your company’s welfare – and enhance your reputation with your clients. 

Completely Customisable

Not only that, but the app is fully customisable and can be shaped to fit precisely to your local landscape and needs. Create your own bespoke check lists, choose your own frequency for reminders and alerts, edit and amend templates: it’s all possible – and, with Under Construction, easy to achieve.

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Automated Digital Forms
Remove paperwork and make compliance processes easy. Digital signatures, custom forms generation, time and date stamps, photo upload, document upload and audit trail of historic form submissions from all of your sites.

There’s no longer a need to always travel to a site: all the necessary information can be accessed right from the app – saving time, maximising cost savings and removing paperwork.

Built for construction
Ready-made templates and processes for your entire construction project, including Initial Briefing, COSHH, SSOW / RAMS. Toolbox Talks, Start Right Minutes, NCR or Defect Notice, Site Survey and many more.

Visibility of reporting 24/7
Under Construction makes it easy to view real-time data, and track form submissions 24/7.  You can also share data with your clients, giving them confidence in your operations and strengthening your relationships.    

Certificates and Quality
Tools on site, PPE, Face Fit Test and Operative Training Certificates – all of these are included within the app, so your teams have everything they need in the one place. There’s even Quality Assurance and Site Survey forms built in, too. Every base is covered.

Cloud Storage
All your data and form submissions are stored securely on the cloud. Accessible from any device with internet access, you can make updates to documentation live, from wherever you are. And thanks to the benefits of cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about a compliance checklist going missing! 

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