Tools On Site

Effortlessly integrate your construction tool tracking with your other health & safety and compliance tasks by using Under Construction’s Tools on Site feature on the app. This arms busy site managers with the ability to record information on the tools being used by each member of their team.

Record tool info; add make and model of the tool and any test expiry dates, identify any protective equipment needed and use the camera capture feature to include photographic evidence for complete clarity and precision.


PAT, LOLER, LEV and Calibration

With built-in functionality on the Tools On Site feature that allows site managers to record expiry dates for PAT, LOLER, LEV and Calibration, keeping track of tools and their renewal requirements is one thing less to worry about.  Using the Upcoming feature on the app, it’s always possible to see in advance when tools certification is due to expire – so you can take the steps necessary ahead of time to maintain a safe working environment for your staff.