Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are essential for delivering health & safety information to your team and when it comes to recording attendance, Under Construction has it covered.

Simply capture a signature on the app and submit. Attendance records are instantly placed on the management portal, securely stored and easily found should you ever need them.

And when it comes to creating your own Toolbox Talk – just add the content and the talk’s ready on the app, as and when required.

You’ll even be able to see if a Toolbox Talk hasn’t been delivered in a while – helping you ensure regular sessions take place.  


Daily Briefing

It’s just as easy too for a site supervisor to deliver a daily briefing.  Simply type or dictate the information into the app and you’re ready to share with your operatives. 

And of course, as with every element of Under Construction, there’s an audit trail so you can see who has received the updates and when.