Say goodbye to cumbersome, easy to lose paperwork, and hello to accessible digital forms!

View and complete all of your usual forms on the Under Construction app – select from our extensive bank of tried-and-tested templates, which can be used to generate analytic reports, or make your own with our straightforward custom form creator.

Use the admin portal to assign roles, set up projects, select and create forms, and more, while the app is used by your staff to complete all-important documentation.

Forms are a vital part of the construction industry, and play an essential role in maintaining a good health and safety culture, ensuring management system compliance, and supporting operational management.

Our forms have you covered – keep reading to find out how Under Construction can help streamline all areas of your business.


Training Forms

Under Construction works hand-in-hand with your training schedule, allowing you to keep track of training completed and complete all relevant forms.

CPD forms are available for you to complete with your employees to track and document their current skills, knowledge, and experience, and also include a reflection section to log any further comments.

Completing toolbox talks on site? Use our toolbox talk forms to select any toolbox talk title from the GT700, and simply pass your device to all attendees to sign once you’ve delivered the talk. Alternatively, add your own toolbox talks through our admin portal!

Our practical training matrix contains your staff training information.  Colour-coded for clarity, you will have clear visibility on when certificates expire, so you can always stay on top of your staff’s training needs.


Asset Forms

Our digital forms will help you to track your business assets, keeping all records safely in one place.

We have a number of forms to help you achieve this, including:

  • PPE form – this details what PPE has been issued
  • Tool and equipment form – keep a record of equipment issued and calibration and certification required with alerts issued when certification expires.

Process Forms

With the Under Construction app, modernise your processes and keep track of everything happening on site, even when not physically present!

Get live updates whenever site process forms are filled in, including:

  • Snagging lists
  • Non conformances
  • Inspections
  • Incidents

Receive alerts when regular forms are due to be renewed, and track the status of outstanding snags, ordered by priority.

Operations Management Forms

Enhance the efficiency of your operations management with Under Construction – view all of your forms broken down per project, so your documentation is easily accessible and organised effectively.

Whether staff have complete company access or project level UC access only, documents will be accessible to all users.

The super-fast connection between the app and the admin portal means that your office-based team will received completed forms as soon as they have been submitted, erasing any delay in your processes.


Project Forms

Make sure your site paperwork is set up and ready to go with our digital construction project forms. Through the admin portal, you can assign any forms needed to an individual project, tailoring it to the specific needs of the site.

Choose from a number of pre-loaded, tried-and-tested project forms, including:

  • Noise / Vibration Monitoring
  • RAMS Builder
  • Permits to Work
  • Direct Forms (e.g. DSE)

Alternatively, create your own custom forms with our easy form builder to ensure all of your necessary paperwork is in place.

With the live connection between the admin portal and the app, any new forms can be immediately sent to your operatives on site, and you’ll be able to see any forms submitted in real-time.

Custom Forms

We want to give you the power to manage your processes in whatever way suits your business – after all, you know it best!

Which is why we’ve built our custom form creator, allowing you to make as many forms as is necessary to ensure that you have a full arsenal of tools to support operational management, a good health and safety culture, and management system compliance.

Your custom forms can make use of:

  • Different question styles, i.e. yes/no, multiple choice, free choice
  • The ability to mark questions as mandatory
  • Ask questions that prompt photo uploads
  • Setting dates for form completion to prompt users to submit on time
  • Setting pass and fail criteria, meaning that actions are automatically raised for ‘failed’ questions

So no matter how specialised your business is, you can be confident in the knowledge that between our templates and your custom-made forms, there are no gaps in your processes.

Form Storage

All forms are stored in Under Construction’s database, meaning they’re safe and secure, and always available whenever you need them.

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