Job Management

Under Construction makes managing each job easier by organising everything for you on a job-by-job basis.

From details of assigned operatives and tools, to snagging lists and form submission records, everything is allocated to an individual project – giving you complete visibility at all times.

With access to real time data on all of your projects, Under Construction makes it easier to understand and compare how each project is going and make decisions driven by accurate data. 

You’ll also be able to quickly see if reports are missing, spot potential issues and implement changes that are needed quickly too.  

With instant evidence right at the tips of your fingers, you’ll have consistent information on each and every job whenever you need.    

All your projects in one place, organised on a job-by-job basis. Under Construction is a bespoke job management app through which you can:


Manage forms

Choose from our bank of tried-and-tested forms, or create your own, then make them live on site instantly.

Share job information

Upload project specific documents so your team are all on the same page.

View your project’s timeline

View records of all forms completed on the job and keep track of outstanding documents.

Manage snag list

View details of snagging issues, including photographs, priority, descriptions, responsibilities, and whether they are outstanding or resolved.

Access team records

View the operatives assigned to a job, check and amend their permission levels, and access their training, tool and PPE records.


View timesheet entries

Check the number of hours each of your operatives have worked that week.

Unique set of requirements on each project?

No problem. Build your own forms with our custom-form feature.

Create bespoke checklists to meet specific requirements, toggle on and the forms are live on site.  It’s that easy.

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