Health and Safety & Compliance Management

Under Construction is a compliance management solution, giving you the tools you need to transform how you maintain your management systems and handle your Health and Safety requirements, and help you feel more in control. 

By helping you ensure the correct set of documents, risk assessments, policies and procedures are in place for each job and by providing evidence that the right information, to ensure safety on site, has been communicated, Under Construction makes it easier for you to oversee all Health and Safety compliance activity on site. 

You can update health and safety management requirements on site for your team instantly, with digital records available for you immediately – all ready for your next audit!

Transform your compliance management


  • Store your risk assessments and policy documents within each job so they are easy to find and instantly accessible
  • Create your own bespoke compliance forms and checklists so they are completely fit for purpose for the job at hand, then roll them out to your team on site instantly, or put them live at a time that suits you
  • Use the notifications and alerts system within the app to ensure nothing gets forgotten in the field


Under Construction doesn’t just transform your health and safety compliance operations on the site – the time and date stamps, digital signatures and photographic evidence mean Under Construction is also transformational in terms of management system compliance through record keeping, making it an invaluable tool for not only ensuring compliance but evidencing it, too.



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