“The system is one of the most comprehensive in its ability to enhance all our safety, health and wellbeing, quality and environmental requirements – all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface.

We have noticed a significant improvement across all our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) operations and evidential record keeping. So much so, that from a recent audit into our management systems and on-site operations we have been awarded the following quality accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and ISO 45001. The app had proved extremely useful when reviewing our operations on-site. “

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For GridLocked, project management, compliance and site welfare were at the forefront of priorities. But they also wanted a comprehensive digital system where they could base all their projects. We worked closely with them to create a tailored solution that would provide all they need and more in the future.

The GridLocked platform features a bespoke design that fits right in with their brand. But it doesn’t just look great. The intelligently designed forms and dashboards help Gridlocked ensure compliance in all they do. It also gives them access to real-time data and guarantees honest reporting.

This, in turn, has improved their client relationships, made it easier to win the trust of potential future clients and achieve Silver in the Health & Safety Category at the National Building and Construction Awards.

Main Features

Digital Forms

Gridlocked now work completely digital. All forms are accessible on the app at the construction site. Managers and Principle Contractors use the back of house system on the web application to monitor issues, forms and quality checks.

Reporting 24/7

Gridlocked submit 600 forms per month on average and can use reporting to monitor how often forms are submitted on time along with any issues that need resolving.


Under Construction app helped Gridlocked achieve their ISO accreditation and pass their audit, presenting all evidence through the app.

Push Notification Alerts

The app will send out notifications instructing the Site Supervisors on what forms must be resolved next and which are left outstanding.

Full Compliance

Real-time submissions and status of forms allows Gridlocked to deliver better site welfare as issues are more up-to-date than paper. Digital processes cut down the workload for site supervisors making their lives easier and freeing up time away from compliance admin.

Environmentally Friendly

The app has allowed Gridlocked to comply and continue to work even with the toughest Covid-19 restrictions. Managers have the ability to check the site from the management portal so there is no need to travel.