Construction Timesheet App

Under Construction’s timesheet feature makes for a great alternative to any standalone construction timesheet app. The specially designed job area makes it easy to ensure the productivity and timeliness of construction jobs and projects. 

Simply use the timesheets feature to log all of the operatives’ worked hours in the week and select which days of the week you work and shutdown for holidays to ensure your compliance forms stay in sync and do not trigger expiration date alerts.


Progress timeline

The simple dashboard features metrics including a statistical breakdown of ‘Forms submitted late’, number of ‘total unresolved’ issues and the ‘Avg. time to resolve’ is made available. This helps you gauge whether you’re working on target.

Total hours worked on the job, average weekly hours per operative and the average time daily hours worked per operative are also available to view.

Push notifications

No more chasing down your operatives, the push notifications will do it for you with regular reminders to submit the sheets. The submission can be done at the tip of your finger, on-site, on the way to/from work or from the comfort of your couch. The ease and simplicity of this intuitive app make it all a breeze!