Operatives’ Timesheets and Training Certificates

Construction Timesheet App

Under Construction’s timesheet feature makes managing hours worked by site operatives easier and more efficient for everyone. It offers a great alternative to any standalone construction timesheet app – because it is so seamlessly integrated with the app’s range of other functions.

Under Construction’s specially designed area makes it quick and easy for the site supervisor to record the timesheets for their team, within the same interface that is also being used to store safety, tool, training and other site management data.

Simply use the timesheets feature to log all operatives’ worked hours in the week – and submit!

You can even obtain insight on hours worked, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of your team’s performance on a particular job.


Training Certificates

Use the app to record and keep track of your operatives’ training certificates, to ensure they have the right skills and qualifications for the job and that their certification dates are valid.

With Under Construction, supervisors can add Training Certificates for each operative in their team.  Store certification information and expiry dates, and use the camera capture feature to take photos of operatives certification so you’ll always have a copy to hand.

The app will display when the certification is due for renewal so you have peace of mind that you won’t get caught out by licenses that have expired.

Gather everything together in one place and simplify your on site processes, with Under Construction.